Slutty confession

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One of the main rules is to respect each other. There have been some complaints lately. This is supposed to be a place for people to confess their dirty secrets. We will start cracking down and rude or judgemental comments will be addresses, if it seems to be a trend by you then you will be banned.

So, my boyfriend and I have been together 6 years. Last night a couple of his friends came over to smoke and play video games. Two of the friends left leaving me and my boyfriends best friend. I was slutty confession stoned and wanted to drink a bit to chill more. I took out the vodka and we had slutty confession couple shots. We were just hanging out and I went to show him a photo on my phone. I made a joke that all my photos are nudes so he better not swipe.

He looked back at my screen and started scrolling. I was drunk so I was just laughing telling him to stop. He kept scrolling. I took the phone from him and asked if he wanted to see it in person. I ended up stripping and standing in front of him. Shaking my tits and spreading my ass. Finally I asked if he wanted to feel his tight my cunt is. We ended up fucking for an hour. After he came in me I let him sleep on my boyfriends side of the bed. I sucked his cock in the morning and made sure he was gone before my boyfriend got back from his trip.

The younger one well call him Tom is super hot and a lot of fun. That was it. I was so turned on. The next time the guys went out to smoke, I sat on Toms lap and kissed him.

Slutty confession

He was so hard, so I pulled his dick out of his jeans, pulled my panties to the side under my skirt, and just started riding him right there on the chair. It was just an instinctual reaction. Tom was so shocked, but once the shock wore off, he grabbed my hips hard and started fucking me back. I got so wet just hearing that. I'm over the moon right slutty confession. Last slutty confession I had the luck of running into one of my highschool teachers in a pub one who gave me many hard-ons back in the day and to whom I masturbated often and after hitting it off, drinking and talking for a while, I got to fuck the hell out of her.

Let me give you a bit slutty confession context and detail. I'm Spanish but have been living in London for four years. Back home, in highschool my French teacher was this foxy 30yo Belgian woman who had me completely crazy. Black curly hair, green eyes with glasses, warm and kind personality, full breasts and ass She spoke Spanish perfectly but with this lovely Belgian accent, and she was great as a teacher too. Without trying to brag, I've always been fairly good with languages and was the best French speaker in class, accent and all, so she always had a kind word and smile for me.

Since this is real life absolutely nothing happened with her during this period aside the fact that I masturbated quite often thinking of her and after I graduated I imagined I'd never seen her again. Fast forward to yesterday, me living in London for years now, I went to a pub finally! Fuck you Covid! I looked for some 10 minutes trying to make sure it was her, and despite the fact that nearly 10 years had passed and she logically looked somehow older, it was obviously her.

Eventually I "accidentally" bumped into her at the bar and dubiously asked her if she was who I thought. And she remembered me! I guess teachers have an ease to remember their students. I told my friends I was gonna catch up with her to which they smirked ofc, bastards saw right through me hahaha and spent some time talking, explaining what I was doing there and how my life went after highschool.

She was traveling to meet some friends and was going through, to my delight I must say, a hard divorce. She is still married but she found he was cheating and got out of home to deal with the situation as things develop. Of course this felt like some God was laying down a magical bridge straight to my dick.

Slutty confession

I decided to shoot my shot and started telling her how I could not understand why any man would cheat on her and I was actually being honest since I do believe she's a great person and really damn attractive. As we drank and I got bold I asked her if she ever fantasized about any of her students while at work. She laughed, pushed me slightly Green flags everywhere. I got bold and I told her I did fantasize about her and knew some other students too. She laughed, got red and mentioned "well I wish I was young like then" to which I replied that it's not like I wasn't fantasizing about her in that moment too.

I took her back home and she started giving me a hand job in the elevator. As soon as we slutty confession my place I got her on her knees and fucked her mouth. I asked her to only speak French and she moaned more than I could understand, which turned me on like crazy. I wanted to cum all over her face and glasses but held up to enjoy as much as possible. I got her up and slapped her ass into bed, and she became a complete moany mess when I started eating her out later she mentioned her husband hadn't done in a long time.

She came hard while saying I was getting an excellent grade, playing on the teacher fantasy, and then I tried to fuck her ass but she was not into it. No problem considering she is on the pill and asked me to fill her up which made me get her up, stand against the wall and fuck her brains out. Just imagine being able to cum inside that one teacher you lusted after in highschool. Imagine her begging to do it in French.

I went absolutely animal on her, her big ass bouncing against my hips, her wonderful boobs pressed against the wall. I came harder than I had done in a loooong time, and she pushed me to sit back into bed without getting me out of her, riding a bit more as I finished. It was absolutely fucking wonderful. This morning she gave me a blowjob and let me cum on her face glasses on before leaving she obviously cleaned herself before so and now I'm here getting hard just at the memory of it.

The bed still smells like her. I slutty confession I can get to do her again but being realistic I was just a one night blow off steam thing for her. Happy about it nonetheless! I want to know what it feel likes to cum from oral. I want my legs shaking until I cum over and over. I have a pretty high sex drive so I can keep going. How does it feel to be eaten out? I want to be able to cum a few times before penetration or just have some guy eat me out with nothing slutty confession return.

Yesterday my fwb and I go over there to see fast 9 and mid-way trough the movie he takes my hand and put it on his already hard dick.

Slutty confession

I suck him for about 10 minutes missing most of the movie btw haha and then just has he is about to cum I pull out. He cum all over slutty confession face! Haha in the end I missed a big drop in my eye brows and some people for sure saw me walk out with cum on my face haha. I was hanging out with 2 of my friends today most of my friends are boys and we just randomly stopped somewhere and they fucked me then we kept going like nothing happened.

And then I just realized how often I have sex with my friends. Almost everyday I get randomly fucked by one of them like that. My back hole is ready for business. Monday was all day sucking cock. Tuesday's gangbangs battered my pussy.

Today it's all about the butt. Hubs is finding at least a dozen men to pack my ass!!! I'm sitting on the couch stretching my hole out right now with a nice thick plug! And making my toes cute hehe. After my ex was in jail and we broke up I got just insatiable. I was so horny all the time.

Slutty confession

I would finger myself several times a day just to keep my head clear. I couldn't take it. I met this nice guy and he wanted to take things slow.

Slutty confession

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