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Since it first burst onto our phones inSnapchat has taken over the world and has become one of the most popular apps of the past five years. Snapchat isn't a trend - it's our new favourite way sexy guys snapchat share our lives. Huge celebrities are always on the lookout for new ways to engage with fans. Users send around million stories a day and these huge stars want a slice of the action too. Since social media first came around, celebrities have been more transparent than ever as they are willing to let their guard down and let us have a peek into their amazing lives.

Almost everyone who is anyone is on Snapchat now, but which s are really worth adding? We have broken down just who to look for and their usernames so you can kick back, relax and watch some of the hottest stars show us just what the world of celebrity is really like.

One Direction's Harry Styles has some of the craziest fans in the world. It feels as if a week can't go by without these, now four, boys trending on Twitter. The most bizarre of all is that young fans, especially hysterical girls, contact Styles to tell him about family members who have passed away and a simple follow-back from him would end their pain.

Despite all this absurdity, Styles is always happy to put on a smile for Snapchat and you can follow his travels all around the world. Just don't send him snaps of your dead pets, okay? Jared Leto is a regular Snapchat user and often uses the app to treat his loyal fans to updates. Inhe will take on the role as The Joker in the much-hyped Suicide Squad and he has been updating all his social media with quite a few teasers.

If you're fan of the drawing tool on Snapchat sexy guys snapchat Leto is your guy as he's quite obsessed with it. As the frontman of American rock band Thirty Seconds to Mars, you will not be able to tie him down to one location for very long. From luxury hotels, to award shows or worldwide music gigs his is of the man who really has it all.

Adding the Major Lazer creator, Diplo, as a friend will allow you to follow his story as he records music videos in Mumbai or attend his gigs in Ibiza real-time. Basically you can feel as if you are flying around the world but from the comfort of your own home.

Sexy guys snapchat

Diplo doesn't just update the epic party nights that he hosts but he also uses his Snapchat to preview his new music. Even if you're an international sensation you still need downtime which is nice to know that Diplo also has his chill moments and he even uplo videos and pictures of himself grocery shopping sexy guys snapchat chilling at home. When you are the one and only Justin Bieber and a new craze like Snapchat comes around then it's unlikely your real name will be available. Which is why Bieber had to get creative and chose "rickthesizzler" as his latest alias. When he announced his arrival on Snapchat to fans on Twitter they went wild.

After months of searching they finally found his. Despite his fan following being quite young in age, Bieber does not hold back on the raunchy Snapchats and is rarely seen with his shirt actually on. If there's one you need to follow just for the drama then Australian pop singer Cody Simpson is the sexy guys snapchat for you.

Simpson has said that he wants all his social media to be open to fans so they can see everything but only last month he landed in trouble. In a Snapchat that featured the year-old hanging out with Justin Bieber and Niall Horan, there was a glass pipe in view on the table they were sitting at. Simpson said in an interview with Zach Sang online that Bieber was not impressed about the snap the next day but he soon laughed it off. Shawn Mendes had a summer like nobody else after he toured the world supporting Taylor Swift. The year-old is already familiar with social media after he landed his big break in the industry through posting six-second covers on Vine.

From six seconds of fame to now world tours - he just can't believe his luck. Fear not because overnight fame has not gone to his head and we can all thank Swifty for that. He told Seventeen magazine that he learned the most valuable lesson of all which is that you should always treat your fans well.

The Canadian singer said, "She treats them so so well, and is so kind and caring. I hope I can be as good as she is with my fans too". How sweet. Rixton know how to get their fans following them on Snapchat as they are constantly making special announcements through the app. These announcements are often surprise gigs or new music releases which always keeps their fans happy.

Even when these guys are fooling around together they keep their stories very clean. This might be because the average age of their fandom is years-old so there's no way they would ever post anything too risky. Maybe in the future though guys? The Jenner family have made their name by remaining constantly active on social media. Showing off their lavish lifestyle to millions of fans is just standard behaviour for these stars and they have pretty much everyone gripped. Brody often shares his Snapchat story featuring his sisters, Kendall and Kylie, as they party on yachts and visit exotic locations together.

Just like any other siblings in the world, Brody enjoys playing sexy guys snapchat on his younger sisters. However, even he took it too far when he posted a photo online just last week of a dark-haired girl who looked like his younger sister, Kylie, in a very explicit position with a tiger - which was said to be a direct reference to his sisters relationship with rapper, Tyga.

The internet was not impressed as the post was deemed vile and disturbing. Don't forget to always think before you share, Brody. Kevin, the eldest of the Jonas Brothers, rarely spends a day not entertaining fans on Snapchat. You can even catch a glimpse of his gorgeous month-old daughter, Alena Rose. He was one of the first celebrities to in with the Snapchat craze and is a self-confessed technology-whizz.

Last year he launched a new app called Yood which helps the user find any type of food they are craving close to their location. Never short of humour he added to the iTunes description for the app: ""Our goal is to take the search out of searching! You know us so well, Kevin.

Sexy guys snapchat

Chris Brown is one of those guys you just can't keep up with. In the morning he's go-karting with close friends and then in the evening he'll be attending a wild, star-studded bash. Even a photo bomb from Kendall Jenner herself will make an appearance and then the next morning he's organising a play date for his daughter, Royalty. No matter what image he puts across on his social media, the general public still refuse to forgive him for attacking his ex-girlfriend, Rihanna, in British singer Rita Ora recently released a track with Brown titled Body On Me and she received quite a social media backlash.

Not really sure why she wants to show her young fans that she supports domestic violence". Marcus Johns is one of Vine's biggest breakout stars. He won over fans worldwide with his dashing looks and hilarious antics. Sadly he's all loved-up with his long-term girlfriend.

His greatest moment was when a fan, Mimi Dickerson, asked him to the prom. He promised her that if she gotretweets then he would be her prom date. After she reached her target he tweeted her to ask what colour dress she would be wearing so he could pick out his tie. He then turned up and escorted her to the prom proving that he is genuinely a great guy.

His character, Toby Cavanaugh, has a reoccurring part on the series and he always likes to show his sexy guys snapchat around the locations of his shoots. Before he put all of his energy into acting, the Californian born actor said that he would have loved to have been a photographer or cinematographer. Which explains why he just can't resist allowing a video camera to follow him everywhere he goes. Tyga has his Snapchat game nailed down. The Compton born rapper caused a media storm when he dropped two big moments on his social media. For Kylie's 18th birthday he expressed his love by posting a picture of his girlfriend in a steamy pose almost pulling down her soaking dress.

Now that is what you would call a proper birthday present. Not afraid to show his soft side, he posted a snap months ago with his son King Cairo. Explaining how to keep your fans sweet, the year-old said, "You gotta be nice. You gotta share. You gotta share". Then as if this wasn't cute enough King Cairo added, "I wanna share". Jason Derulo's Snapchat is one you might have to watch during a cold shower. If he's not working out with his buddies and showing off his sexy guys snapchat torso, then he's hanging out with some of the world's hottest women.

Derulo has a lot to celebrate as his hit-single Want To Want Me has earned him a certified platinum status. The Florida born, year-old has the world at his feet now with almost every big name climbing over themselves to get a collaboration. So expect a lot of celebrity cameo appearances in his story soon.

You need to have the energy though to keep up with the year-old because if he's not running through hotel corridors then he's dancing like a mad man behind the decks. Very rarely he will post a story where he is actually sitting still but don't blink because you'll miss it.

Sexy guys snapchat

His only problem in life? He's getting quite tired of his own track. In an interview Mid Day News he said, "I'm bored of playing it out, but I still have to play it because people come to my shows because of that track. I got so many tracks besides Animals and of course, every DJ gets tired of playing his own tracks if he plays it so much". Sorry Garrix, but nobody else is going to get tired of that sound anytime soon.

Although he confessed that he was skeptical in the beginning, Joseph-Gordon Levitt has one of the most charming Snapchat feeds out of anyone. Known as the nice guy of Hollywood he can often be found either chilling at home or taking a leisurely walk through a park. Well, what did you expect his story to be?

Wild parties and entourages of women just aren't the things that keep the Days of Summer actor happy. There are three good reasons why you should be following Calvin Harris on Snapchat right now. He is one of the hottest DJ's on the planet View his Calvin Klein underwear campaign for further evidence. You will also get to see special guest appearances from his girlfriend Taylor Swift. There are so many cute cat snaps it's almost too much to take in. The Scottish sensation also has friends who share his sense of humour and zest for life.

Macklemore and Ryan Lewis share a Snapchat and school all their followers with lessons in serious style. Now they are teasing fans with new music including a new track with Ed Sheeran, Growing Up Sloane's Songwhich was released only last week. They were close to sexy guys snapchat up a Grammy last year for Best Album. With this new album release proving even more personal, they could find themselves sweeping up during awards season.

Avicii has the kind of life any year-old guy would dream of. It appears though that someone is jealous of his talents and that someone would be none other than ex-Oasis frontman, Noel Gallagher. That's how you shoot back at the haters people. His character becomes confused about his sexuality and gravitated towards the arms of another man during the end of season one.

This is one guy almost every girl has their notifications set to. Nick told Entertainment Tonight all about his character's progress. He said, "He's still trying to figure it out, and it'll be sexy guys snapchat journey for sure. I'm willing to go wherever I need to go with the story and we'll figure it out when we get there, I guess". Sources: businessinsider. By Cheish Merryweather Published Aug 13, Share Share Tweet Comment. Related Topics Entertainment.

Sexy guys snapchat

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