My exs nudes

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This week, our criminal lawyers discuss a young man's concern about his ex's nude photos being shared. Yes, you are dealing with some harassment from her current boyfriend.

My exs nudes

Harassment can be any conduct meant to alarm or annoy someone. His constant messaging over social media and the phone interpret as harassment based on the law; maliciously engaging in behavior that alarms or seriously annoys another with intent to cause harm, harass, or annoyance. Police can help you file a complaint of harassment on your behalf against the new boyfriend.

You can also get a peace order against that person prohibiting the contact. The state statutes are clear regarding the definition of child pornography as " any visual depiction of sexually explicit conduct involving a minor. Although she is underage, she is at the age of consent and probably consensually sent her new boyfriend the pictures.

The sharing of these nude photos could be seen as revenge porn or child pornography. Plenty of problems with sending pornographic material could lead to legal obstacles, so we do not recommend this kind of behavior. The grey area leaves room for interpretation that might send my exs nudes material toward criminal charges.

My exs nudes

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If you have a similar question, then you should consult with a lawyer about your specific situation to get a "real" response! Lawyer Says The Question: Does sending my ex's nudes to a friend count as harassment or child pornography? This is happening in Maryland. I dated this girl for a bit and she cheated on me with this guy and ever since the cheating started, he had messaged me repeatedly even after I tried blocking him on several s on Instagram but he would use other ones to message me again.

And he'd send texts to my phone and would make verbal threats.

My exs nudes

A bit ago he sent my ex's nudes mind you, she's under 18, but over the age of consent in MD to a friend. Then this morning he sent them to me too. I tried going in person to speak to a police officer about the constant messages and they said it's not harassment or even phone misuse or anything. Then I asked about the child pornography and they said "she's above the age of consent so it's legal," which is not how federal law works in regards to child porn.

Basically, they didn't care and straight up told me "we can't help you.

My exs nudes

The officer looked at me like I was crazy the whole time and said the same stuff the county officer said not illegal because age of consent, etc. And I filed a report to the FBI's field headquarters about the harassment and child porn, but I was wondering if there's anything more I can do to get him to leave me alone and if there's any way that he would get in legal trouble for having child pornography on his phone.

He unsent the images he sent me before I could screenshot the chat, but since the images are still likely on his phone, would law enforcement be able to check it out? I just am hoping to find a way to get law enforcement to take this seriously, but it seems like no matter who I talk to, they don't care.

My exs nudes

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