Mistress mommy

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Alicia was beside herself. She began to frantically recite multiplication tables in her head. Run Algebraic equations. Recite Shakespeare. Do you need to feel the cane on that welted bottom of yours? Is that what you need Mommy to do for you? Her hands left her kitty immediately and grabbed for the pacifier. Her answer was a deep keening, a prayerful keening that let Mommy know, in absolutely no uncertain terms, that she definitely did not need to feel the cane on her already torn up cheeks. Soon, it began absolutely inevitable, and she dared to shed her pacifier and beg again.

It was that that the pumping of that plug into and out of her began in earnest. But her idyllic existence was going to change shortly, because classes were going to begin, and Mommy had decided that, since she was so new, that she could wear pull ups to classes and use the facilities mistress mommy, but that she would have to be back in diapers the moment she came home. Mommy shopped for her clothes. Alicia was kind of surprised that she had no input about them whatsoever — Mommy never even asked her about them; she simply appeared in her room with a bunch of them and put them into her closet.

They were mostly pastels and solid colors, round collared blouses and absolutely no pants. And she might have mistress mommy the war about using the facilities and being able to wear pull ups rather than full blown diapers while she was in school, but one thing Mommy did insist on was that she wear frilly rumba panties over her pull ups, and, of course, under her very short skirt.

It would be embarrassing, but much less so, to her, than wearing diapers. As it turned out, she only had one class on Mondays, three on Tuesdays and Thursdays, none on Wednesdays, and one on Fridays. And Mommy had deemed that Wednesdays at home would be, for her, like any other day at home, and follow the usual schedule.

Now, since visitors would be coming, she would be expected to be on her best behavior. She would forego her usual afternoon nap and would play quietly on a blanket in the parlor with Mommy and the other women. Mommy was all aflutter all morning.

Alicia would never have believed she could be so nervous and distracted. Since she was going to miss her afternoon nap, Alicia was put down for her morning nap earlier than usual, and kept their later. Lunch was, of course, a bottle, and it was given to her in a much less formal setting. Mommy fussed over her hair and dress, everything had to be just so. She was put into a very pretty party dress with a mistress mommy fitted bodice and a white skirt with a lacy overlay that had pastel flowers embroidered all over it.

It was gorgeous. There were lacy tights and beautiful pink paten leather shoes. She felt like a fairy princess, and actually squealed when Mommy put a cute little tiara in her hair. She and Mommy greeted everyone at the door, but then Alicia was relegated to a beautiful velour blanket to one side of the room, near Mommy, with some stuffies and a couple of books to play with quietly.

Mistress mommy

She was very, very good. At one point, though, one of the women, of which there were four other besides Mommy, commented on how well behaved Alicia was being, and called her over to her. Alicia looked to Mommy first for permission, and all of the women nodded at how well trained she was so early on. Mommy, of course, nodded that it was all right. Alicia nodded her head and tried to make her way back to her blanket. That was the end of any remnant of dignity for poor Alicia.

Mistress mommy

Each woman then had to feel her forehead as she was passed on down the line to her Mommy, who was at the very end, of course. Some mistress mommy them suggested enemas, which had her eyes widening in real alarm, and others were about ready, she swore, to take her over their own laps and take her temperature right then and there.

Alicia was flabbergasted, but she knew she could neither say nor do anything. Mommy patted her bottom, but Alicia drew absolutely no comfort. Margot shook her head. The gasps around the room had Alicia just about fainting from the embarrassment. Mommy stuck up for her, though. Well, up to bed with you, sweetie pie.

Alicia found herself stuffed back into bed, minus the plug and the pacifier, in case she was sick, and she was. The next couple of days were a blur, and Mommy took magnificent care of her, and let her professors know she was sick, and got her work for her to work on as she began to feel better.

And, unlike if she had been living alone, she actually was required to work on it when she did feel better. Eventually, she got back to school, and had to learn how to deal with the pull ups and the rumba panties and the strict rules her Mommy made her live by.

But she always had her homework done, and she got good grades Mommy had decided that her virginity needed to be dealt with, and that it would be something that would be between the two of them, on a mistress mommy night when her bed time was a little — although not much, looser. She brought her food from home, and was strictly forbidden to eat junk food or soda. All in all, Alicia was surprisingly, obscenely happy. She made friends outside of the household, but mostly her friends were the ones she lived with, except, of course, for Amy.

She felt like she fit into a place for the first time in her life — strict and restricted worked for her.

Mistress mommy

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Mistress mommy

Not quite yet. Pants — unless necessary for a school function — were verboten in the house.

Mistress mommy

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Mistress mommy

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Mistress mommy

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