Mistress chatbot

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It seems these days that one cannot swing a stick on the internet without hitting an article on why bots are So Hot Right Now. As your friendly neighborhood dominatrix and expert on being served by people and things as a lifestyle, I feel obligated to chime in.

Mistress chatbot

When I interact with this bot, is its personality friendly and helpful? Is it more humorous and irreverent? Is the bot meant to be my sidekick? My butler? My pet? Of the many fun things about being a dominatrix, we also often get to ask these same questions about the submissive person who wants to engage with us in a BDSM kink dynamic, as certainly these service-oriented subs each come with their own distinct human personality.

Slackbot is the spokesbot and mascot for the now ubiquitous team chat client of the same name.

Mistress chatbot

It mistress chatbot the form of a pretty cute little square with a penchant for plaid and being a brand ambassador. I was impressed by the variety of formats in which I was able to ask about features and still get thorough, on-point answers. The initial message got me curious about setting a reminder, so I decided to ask about it:.

I set a reminder for ten minutes from when I started, and I can easily say that this is now easily my favorite feature. Pros: honest about what it can do, helpful keyword combos even within complex sentences, polite, positive, deferential tone. Me likey.

Mistress chatbot

Poncho also is quite the off-topic conversationalist, able to respond to a variety of pleasantries, personal questions, and even a command or two:. Cheeky cat. Decided to see next if Poncho can mistress chatbot a demanding mistress such as myself. Poncho is a prime example of an effective use of the bot format.

Cons: The Slack integrated version is garbage compared to Messenger, wish it was easier to access Poncho across platforms. I decided to check out how Growbot responded to my dommely commands:. Topping from the bottom already are we? Well that answers that I guess, keyword only. Pros: fine enough at what it does. Not sure what there is to pay for here. I asked Howdy what it can do, then experimented a bit with setting up checkins and meetings. I quickly ran afoul of issues with the keywords that the bot itself suggested not being effective at communicating my desires or giving me enough information to know what to do with it:.

Using most bots requires a bit of repetition and back and forth as the user acclimates to the expected commands, but I was thoroughly displeased that I had to work this hard to get through a fairly limited list of functionalities. Pros: bot copy lists keywords where applicable to help direct the user through requests, good response to variety of input formats for dates, times, etc. Cons: the suggested keywords barely work, most Howdy functions better served by basic calendaring apps.

The random combinations of what these companies decide is some helpful enough smattering of tasks mistress chatbot justify building and releasing an app is starting to baffle me, but what do I know. To-do lists first:. Conversational tone, not quite as peppy and helpful as say, Slackbot. So despite my misgivings, I decided to move on to setting up a poll:. I dead-ended in this several times before giving up on my poll. As with Howdy I became quickly flustered that I had to work so hard to do what in reality could have been accomplished in less time with a pen and a post-it.

Pros: the expense report thing is cool I guess, feel like it would incentivize finishing more than just a tedious form. I decided to break my Slack bot-streak for Alexa since at some point an Echo Dot will be arriving at my house.

I used Echosim.

Mistress chatbot

Me: Alexa, what can you do? Alexa: For help on what you can say, take a look at the things you can try section in the Alexa app.

Mistress chatbot

Going off this list, I tested out asking about movies playing near me, tried playing and navigating one of my audiobooks on Audible, what the news is today, and restaurant search. Then I decided to see mistress chatbot Alexa was practiced in any service submission skills:. Me: Alexa, would you like to serve me? Me: Are you a good bot? Me: Alexa, kiss my feet. But for the purposes of our experiment, I was impressed that she deflects with effective neutrality when questions stray from her intended use. Her copy is a little more clipped than Siri, and I can tell she likes to keep things professional.

Pros: impressive voice recognition, even with sentences with complex or contingent requests with a lot of modifiers, household-practical across a broad spectrum of tasks. Gauging from the above, bots are in their best format a faster way of searching for necessary information, and in their worst a series of user-derailing tripwires laid across a poorly-formatted script.

BDSM is after all about architecting an interactive experience, and I think many of its lessons in getting the most from our submissives translate well to things we can improve about bots. Bots should be as forthright in providing proactive reminders of how best to interact with them, especially at the point of failure. Further Reading:. Medium is an open platform where million readers come to find insightful and dynamic thinking.

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Mistress chatbot

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Mistress chatbot

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Mistress chatbot

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