La vore girl

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We can no longer ensure the best quality of service so if you choose to subscribe please understand that it is at your own expense and that not all the content currently available on the website may be viewed. A short time after she arrives, Rachel has la vore girl no monsters whatsoever and wonders if they are even here.

Unbeknownst to Rachel a visitor is about to arrive via a flying saucer which flies up to the Tower itself and teleports an alien monster who has a similar interest in the type of fun Rachel has. Rachel is quite surprised and asks Cy'Eye what it likes to do for fun. Cy'Eye responds by picking Rachel up and carrying her into another room…. After being tossed onto said bed, Rachel takes off her dress revealing a cute bra and panties set with tasty waist length panty hose to tempt Cy'Eye. Cy'Eye wastes no time and begins humping Rachel softcore in missionary, leading to Rachel riding the monster, and finishing off with Rachel enjoying a solid rump hump on her round booty by a very passionate La vore girl Rachel becomes overwhelmed with passion and asks to have her body licked by Cy'Eye's giant tongue.

Cy'Eye is all too happy to oblige and licks Rachel's tasty torso! But, Rachel needs more and moves her head into Cy'Eye's huge mouth. As Rachel slowly pushes herself into Cy'Eye's mouth, she shows off her perfect booty and heeled legs until she disappears completely inside the space vore monster's gullet.

A short time passes and satisfied and relaxed Rachel climbs out of Cy'Eye's mouth. Rachel's body is almost out of Cy'Eye when another vore monster appears - Swaalug! Rachel asks what Swaalug is doing here and Swaalug answers by grabbing Rachel by the head with it's giant multi-tongued mouth!

La vore girl

Rachel gives in and is pulled down to slowly swallowed head first by this greedy purple beast. It's too much for Rachel to handle as she experiences the throat of another vore monster, but is compelled to move forward to see what happens next. Inside Swaalug's stomach, Rachel has embraced her desire's utmost satisfaction of being La Vore Girl! Gulperton greets Hailey and shows her the portrait of Gunther Gulperton hanging on the wall.

As Hailey examines the portrait, the eyes of Gunther glow and place Hailey in a trance. As Hailey stands frozen, Gulperton bites and nibbles on Hailey's bodacious booty cheeks! But, Gulperton's pervert activity is cut short as Blobby creeps up on him and swallows him whole! Blobby then sizes up Hailey and engulfs her entire body.

After a brief moment, Blobby slides off of Hailey's body revealing that Hailey's clothes are no longer on her body. Hailey is completely nude! Hailey snaps out of Gunther's trance and quickly forgets about her nakedness when she meets Blobby for the first time! Blobby gets excited as Hailey touches it's soft and slimy skin. So excited, that Blobby wastes no time and humps Hailey's bouncy round butt! Hailey loves humping, but does not hesitate to allow Blobby to spank her when the blob requests it. Hailey holds her round rump up for Blobby to position itself for a perfect spanking. Blobby then engages in a hearty Hailey booty spanking.

Hailey la vore girl it harder and Blobby meets the challenge! After that fun, Hailey asks if she can crawl inside Blobby's body. Blobby allows Hailey to climb into it's body head first until Hailey disappears. Hailey then climbs out, but Blobby wants more and smothers Hailey naked body. Hailey then decides to give you a show and slowly slide into Blobby head first, so you can enjoy her butt, legs, and feet wiggle to perfect satisfaction la vore girl your enjoyment. Hailey is now inside Blobby for good.

You watch as Hailey moves about in a limited capacity and touch the inside of Blobby's body. Hailey does this until she decides to nap and curls up inside Blobby for a well deserved La Vore Girl rest. Gulperton is thrown off by Yazzie's giddiness and washes no time in getting Yazzie to offer one of her legs for Gulperton to gag on! Yazzie loves how far her left leg is in Gulperton, but the fun is interrupted when a different vote monster appears to take control. Gulperton is grabbed by Kitty Gulp, pulled off Yazzie's leg, and quickly disciplined by being swallowed up whole by Kitty Gulp!

Yazzie is impressed by Kitty La vore girl, and even more so when her clothes are zapped off leaving her in a cute underwear outfit. Very excited, Yazzie embraces Kitty Gulp to begin the next stage of her interview. Yazzie and Kitty Gulp then engage in some fun and hot soft core humping - including missionary, riding, and from behind! Due to a quite energetic time, Yazzie becomes La Vore Girl. To celebrate, Kitty Gulp sticks out it's big pink tongue and licks Yazzie's yummy torso.

Yazzie becomes overpowered by Kitty Gulp's tongue lust and insists on slowly climbing head first into Kitty Gulp's toothy mouth. Yazzie's petite body easily disappears into Kitty Gulp. A brief moment passes and Yazzie crawls out of Kitty Gulp's mouth, but Kitty Gulp decides to keep her! Yazzie is even more happy to be sucked back into Kitty Gulp's mouth feet first. Only it's grown stale and Sablique is bored.

So, Sablique does what any witch does and summons up some fun! A brief spoken incantation and Sablique materializes Bumper Humper to her in a good time. Bumper Humper wastes no time and picks up Sablique and carries her off to the bedroom. After being tossed onto the bed, Sablique seduces Bumper Humper and you, dear viewer by performing a sultry and sexy strip tease until Sablique's 6ft long perfect 10 body is completely naked! Totally turned on, Bumper Humper engages Sablique in some hot soft core humping action. Missionary, riding, and from behind get Sablique good!

But, Sablique now wants the cherry on top of this naughty indulgence, to be swallowed head first into Bumper Humper's big red mouth. Slowly, Sablique slides her statuesque body, big butt, long legs, and bare feet into Bumper Humper's hungry mouth until she is swallowed whole. Fully satisfied, Sablique then crawls out of Bumper Humper's mouth to discover that her favorite plant is missing! Sablique investigates and is greeted by Swaalug, who just happens to be in the bedroom and has creeped up la vore girl her. Swaalug doesn't know where the plant has gone and demands Sablique's attention.

Before Sablique can explain anything, Swaalug pushes her onto the bed and starts sucking Sablique feet first into it's giant multi-tongued mouth! Sablique struggles and tries to get Bumper Humper to help, but Bumper Humper is enjoying the show.

Sablique is done for and is sucked completely into Swaalug's mouth. Swaalug then plops onto the bed to digest Sablique in it's belly. Sablique decides to embrace her fate and bask in the glory of being the best La Vore Girl! Dolce's tour guide is Gulperton who tells the story of his great grandfather Gunther Gulperton who built the tower back in the s. As Dolce studies the portrait of Gunther, Gulperton studies Dolce's big booty. Gulperton is just about to bite Dolce's big buttcheeks when the timer on his oven goes off!

La vore girl

Gulperton must tend to the complimentary muffins! Dolce is left alone with Guther's portrait. The portrait's eyes start to glow and put Dolce into a trance. Without warning, Dolce's clothes are zapped off! Leaving her with only her perfect pink underwear on. Dolce pops out of her trance and realizes her situation when Swaalug appears behind her.

Dolce is charmed by the big purple slug, but Swaalug becomes very hungry, very quickly and engulfs Dolce and pulls her to the floor. Dolce struggles, but is slowly sucked in head first into Swaalug's bulbous body. After being completely sucked into Swaalug, Dolce climbs out and is greeted by Gulperton returning from his cooking task. Dolce explains what happened, but Gulperton is more interested in Dolce's jugs instead of muffins and goes in to get a mouthful of big boob goodness!

La vore girl

Dolce is quite upset at Gulperton's actions and pushes that pervert away! Dolce then decides to pull her legs out of Swaalug's mouth, but Swaalug never let's a meal go la vore girl waste and pulls Dolce feet first back into it's throat. Dolce struggles and ple as she slides down Swaalug's gullet until she is completely eaten. Inside Swaalug's stomach, Dolce concedes to her fate as the Tower of Vore's lunch special!

Does she succeed? Of course she does! She is La Vore Girl! With a blinding flash of light and a sudden clap of thunder, Megan successfully completes her task. Before Megan now stands that beloved vote monster Kitty Gulp. After brief introductions, Megan asks Kitty Gulp what it likes to do for fun. Kitty Gulp's eye glows as it raises it's head and ZAP! Megan's robe disappears revealing a fancy silver stripper bikini!

Megan digs where this is going and whips up a library chair to up the fun factor. Upon the chair Megan climbs and shows off her perfect booty and long legs. Kitty Gulp gets aroused and sticks out it's big pink tongue and licks Megan's butt and legs. Megan can't take any more of this monster's teasing and moves in closer to examine Kitty Gulp's enormous mouth.

Megan slowly climbs head first inside said mouth enjoying every moment her body enters.

La vore girl

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