Kik roleplay partners

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My name is Katerina and I am 21 years old. I live in Canada so my time zone is Mountain time MT. I do romance based plots basically. I do tend to get bored of basic plots so in the ideas that I have, I try to add twists and kik roleplay partners course we can come up with twists together as we RP. And understand absences from my part as well—I will let you know in advance.

The plots are romance based but can have themes of mystery, horror, action, etc. We can discuss the platform for the RP once you contact me! Preferably or Google Docs, but offer me your ideas as well. But wait. I do original as well with a wide variety and am always looking for new partners. My kik for that is CallMeKitten I enjoy collaborating with people and making friends through writing. Fandoms or Originals: Originals, mostly. Contact: effervescentcharm gmail.

Kik roleplay partners

I live in the EST time zone. If that bothers you, oh well. We all have a life outside of roleplay. I get it. : wearethelarryshippers gmail. I try varieties of styles and fandoms. I will RP nearly anything but I do have boundaries and I am not afraid to say no to certain things. Fandoms or Originals. Either is fine. I also like to ship my OC with theirs sometimes but most of my characters are heterosexual. I am looking for someone who is open-minded and chill with a paragraph or novella writing style.

I have Discord and Skype too. I am also up for other roleplays like fantasy, high school, etc. I have OCs to use for these roleplays, most female. If you are interested in roleplaying with this main OC for my apocalyptic area, feel free to ask to interact.

Eye colour: Blue Body type: Slim and petite. Personality: Travels the zombie apocalypse alone, preferring to not have human contact because she knew it would just cause her pain due to losing her brother quite early on. She travels with a Sickle and two armed guns latched onto her belt. Though she is sweet once you get to know her, she seems cold on the outside. Romance wise, she kik roleplay partners extremely flirty and likes to tease men around her, playfully, and becomes very protective when she has a man.

Kik roleplay partners

Thank you! I roleplay solely over Skype for the time being. Someone honest, unafraid to voice concerns, and consistent.

Kik roleplay partners

Someone who will coordinate rather than just float along. A writer who enjoys complex settings and flawed characters. Similar interests are a plus, but not a requirement. Characters: I have a diverse and constantly shifting roster of characters to pick from and typically will play more than one at a time.

Smut: This is a bit of a complicated one for me. Format: Third person. Paragraph based. Skype: Ormidonwastaken Tell me a bit about yourself when adding me as a contact. I know that the text box when adding someone has a character limit, but get as much info in there as you can. My timezone is EST. Hey man it happens. I really really love plotting, character development, and worldbuilding!! Exploring characters, building relationships, and making them fight interact is so much fun. As far as plotting, I like throwing ideas back and forth and establishing kik roleplay partners setting and somewhat of a plot direction before doing anything.

I dig this not so much for the smut aspect though hey nothing wrong with that, but for the potential worldbuilding. No furries or mechs either. Please please please be wiling to work with me and throw ideas right back. Please have a grasp on grammar and punctuation. Read everything, find a couple of things in common, and are interested?

An introduction and brief rundown of your preferences would be great. Plot ideas are even better. You can contact me at righterwells gmail. Submit Your AD Here. Looking for a new RP partner or two? Well look no further, because you've come to the right place! Feel free to browse through the other applications or even send in your own! Best of luck with finding a new RP partner!

Partner for romance based plots. Contact: yekaterina gmail. Posted 3 years ago with 43 notes. Posted 3 years ago with 9 notes. Posted 3 years ago with 19 notes. Posted 3 years ago with 26 notes. Contact: cd-wizard hotmail.

Posted 4 years ago with 6 notes. YouTube Is it a fandom?? Just ask me about other kik roleplay partners and I might know them! Posted 4 years ago with 19 notes. Looking for an apocalyptic romance roleplay! Posted 4 years ago with 8 notes. Posted 4 years ago with 32 notes. RP Preferences: I really really love plotting, character development, and worldbuilding!!

Posted 4 years ago with 24 notes. Warning: Loki is going to be paired up with Adrian Vedit from Watchmen If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to message me anytime.

Kik roleplay partners

email: [email protected] - phone:(838) 857-5164 x 9630

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