How to meet new people on kik

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They usually have sexism towards other men, but it's always in the whole: "I am the exception to the rule" sort of set up, not this. This is your grade a cunt. Oh no oh no no no. Please tell me this is fake. This guy just implied that every men is a rapist. Yeah, that just made these even more unsettling. He really thinks all men are as messed up as he is.

I mean who do we hear "don't trust guys" from the most? Our brothers and our fathers and other guy friends. And then we get blamed and hit with the "not all men" speech.

How to meet new people on kik

I guess I shouldn't have trusted them when they said don't trust em so then guys are trustworthy but then Maybe all his friends and family members are rapists? MrCreepGuy: Oh my God!!!!

How to meet new people on kik

Why am I being charged for rape?!?! It's only human nature, every man does it. Officer: No jackass It's not, you're a disgusting human being. Most people go out with someone for a few years then marry that person.

But hey you didn't seem to care what sexuality the person was. You're going to fit right in when you're in prison. Kind of ironic that the good guy in your story makes a rape joke. I'm fucking sad that you have to deal with people like this. The NotAllMen brigade needs to start calling out these guys more, because they get offended when people generalize but they ignore that too many guys are like this. They never called them out when they read shit like this on social media.

They just complain when we bring attention to it.

How to meet new people on kik

So kik has a new thing where you can meet random people. I've got a lot of stuff like this, so I'm going to start posting it here, cause I think it's fitting. Posted by 2 years ago. Sort by: best. View discussions in 1 other community. Continue this thread.

How is it being directed at a man? I wish it were. As a man, this guy doesn't speak for all men. Just himself. Tf you mean men will b men bitch thats only u. Fuck you creep guy. What a crazy way of thinking, assuming all men are rapey. More posts from the niceguys community. For all the self-proclaimed "nice guys" who are actually manchildren or douches, or who mistake being spineless and pathetic for being nice.

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How to meet new people on kik

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