F-list kinks

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Hey all. You also have hub profiles.

F-list kinks

Hub profiles are pretty universally disliked on F-List and are often seen as a mark of laziness, and I do not recommend making one to look for RP on. You should make a separate Profile for each character you want to play as. If you have a normalyou can make up to different characters.

Choosing a name for your character is very important! You want something attention grabbing, but since each character has to have a unique name, this can get a little tricky. As this is a popular character, it can be difficult to track down a good name. I advise not getting too abstract with your character name. Just pick something easy to read and to the point. Take a deep breath. Your first instinct might be to scroll down there and start picking kinks willy-nilly.

In the grand scheme of things, this is f-list kinks as important for getting Roleplay and if you do it incorrectly you might actually hurt your chances. A big white text field, and this guy:. This, more than anything on your profile, is the most important thing. If you have this on profile, you will almost never get any roleplay. Then scroll down to the very bottom of the and hit save. If all you can do is crop an image into a square, that will do perfectly. But you need to have something here. I have honest to god had people message me on empty profiles that having nothing but a character name and an f-list kinks.

Sourcing your images is a bit of a grey area on f-list. Further characters will be listed in alphabetical order. Remember that big text field? F-List uses standard BBC code tags with [square brackets. There are many different ways to create eye-catching descriptions. I would say the three basic ways are minimalist, inline based, and heavy F-list kinks code. User beware, though. Many F-List users use these templates and they can sometimes look a bit generic as they are overused. If you want to make an inline based profile, having access to software like Illustrator, Photoshop, GIMP, and similar content is good to have as well.

You can also make a blend of the three styles of profiles. Some of these have text included in the inline. Some of them just have an image with the text written out underneath. Now would also be a great time to familiarize yourself with the rules. Keep an eye on these, especially if you play contentious content.

F-list kinks

Some big things to look out for and not to do: Photographs and realistic images of animals are not allowed. Even Nonsexual ones. Photographs and 3D renders of minors even nonsexual images or nonsexual profiles are not allowed. If there is even a hint of the character being a minor, do not use photographic or 3D renders.

Even though Tom Holland was an adult when he played the role, the character is a minor. Link had humble beginnings as a boy that lived in the forest with the Kokiri. Known as the boy without a fairy, Link led a simple life until one day, the dying Guardian of the forest, the Deku Tree, set him upon a Quest to save the Kingdom of Hyrule from darkness. Arming himself with the elemental powers of Hyrule and the legendary Master Sword, Link journeyed through time to the Dark Era of Hyrule to challenge the evil Ganondorf and save his Kingdom from evil. You might notice that this looks like crap.

And it does! Those being [center], [color], and [sub]. But it could use a little work. Make sure each line of text is about the same length as the minus any BBC tags. Eicons are essentially image macros that can be used all over the site. Keep in mind each eicon must have a unique name across all users. Inputting this into the description and checking how it looks in the preview, we end up getting something that looks like this:. Looks like we got a bookmark while we were setting the profile up. That means someone saw us while browsing new characters and decided they want to keep an eye on our profile and are likely interested in RPing!

If you like, you can disable bookmarks per character in the character editor under settings. You can then add it in the character editor using this button. Opening the F-list kinks Editor once more, a couple basic things should be filled out.

We will take this section by section. Settings: Some general tweaks to change and edit. Personally, F-list kinks like to turn my timezone off, and besides that, I like to have my Guestbook and Bookmarks turned on as well, but all of these settings are up to you. Character List: For now, you can ignore this part.

F-list kinks

You can use this to have certain characters grouped together and will show up in the sidebars of these characters. Images: If you have any images you want tothis is the place to do it. You can add descriptions to each image that will appear when a user hovers over the image. Keep in mind, again, that usage of fan art is a grey area on F-List. Both are under General Details. Filling out RPing preferences is also a good idea. This is probably one of the most overwhelming parts of the process.

F-list kinks first tip: Ignore the Kink section for now. Instead, skip ahead to the Custom Kink section. Custom Kinks are a good way to tell people what you really want. You can fill out the basic title of the kink, and a description. Or if you f-list kinks to leave the description blank, just press the spacebar. Select what category you want the kink to appear in Fave, Yes, Maybe, No. This is a site based primarily around finding rpers that have the same interests and kinks that you do.

And really, you can probably start roleplaying like this. Maybe add a couple of images, and tweak a few things. So if you like, skip to the next step. Try to select the most relevant things, and avoid redundancies. Or, if I want to make it even more simplified, I can add a custom Vore kink and put that in my No category. Kinks that are not relevant such as Vaginal Sex Receiving on a cis male can also be ignored. Kinks are broken up into sections, and while it is a lot, just take your time, go through it sensibly, and take a break if you want to.

This will ultimately be easier on you and make your profile easier to read. And now, your profile is done! There is currently both a desktop and mobile client. We will however be using the Browser client in this example. Go ahead and select F-Chat 3. You will be taken to a landing with a drop down of your characters, with the first character you created selected as the default.

You can change your default character in your settings. You can have up to three characters online at once. Keep in mind this goes by IP address, so if you have a roommate that also uses F-List, those will count towards your total of online characters. If this becomes a problem for you, just use a virtual machine or connect to the internet via a different method, such as with data. F-List is not that much of a f-list kinks drain.

These will appear the same on all the characters you in as. I will be notified whenever one of my friends s in or sets a status. Be careful not to post anything that breaks F-Lists code of conduct.

F-list kinks

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