Big dick fetish

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I can have sex with smaller it's just when it goes Near my mouth I don't know what it is I'm thrown off like I'm talking a few inches maybe. It feels like he's not as grown to me.

Big dick fetish

I'm sorry to smaller guys there's a woman for everyone take no offense but at the same time don't put down us woman or bigger men that's wrong. I agree! I like it bigger because I don't know it just seems more manly to me personally. I'm so far from blown out I've had kids been with only a few partners one smaller other two bigger sex still kills me when I'm not turned on enough wet enough that's legit logic.

It never will sure the outside of your vagina changes as you age, as far as tightness that never changes if a woman feels loose to a man she's really turned on! If I have no foreplay and my boyfriend trys going right in it kills once I get super wet it slides right in. This is the way of life for any woman! Yeah some get lose from not having healthy PC muscles though! Those things need tightened! And that's really easy to do lol. Asker you sure about that? It kinda sounds like you use the concept of "preference" to rightfully exclude and dismiss men who didn't happen to be bin with a particular penis size.

It's not very wise to decide a man is unappealing collectively strictly based on his genital. It's not intelligent or wise to train your mind not to be sexually attracted to a certain type of penis and tell yourself that is okay and acceptable because realistcally, good men are a dying breed. Watch an outstanding man walk into your life and not have your "preferred penis" then you'll create an issue that doesn't need to exist because you've been nurturing this silly idea.

I actually find really respectful, nice guys all the time. I know how to pick them. And I didn't "train my mind. After skimming your other comments, it seems like you do but alrighty, it's your life you have to live with aferall. Wow so because I have a fetish, I'm big dick fetish and I forced myself to have one?

That's her choice if a man prefers tight over loose that's okay but God forbid we choose big over small. Get on with that mess lmao. I can express my opinion on the situation whether you like it or not. I don't need your approval to speak my mind, hon. Meow, I'm not speaking literally jezz. Do you have a penis? Why so offended? I feel like the poster is being attacked here but I could big dick fetish wrong?

She likes her men big. Some men like big asses or boobs what's the diff? Double standards. All women don't miraculously share the same view just because they have a big dick fetish. You would think someone with almost a quarter of a century of life experience would know that. Get your facts crystal clear before you assume I think men's preferences are okay but hers are not because I said no such thing. Asker Hopefully, you an differentiate between an attack and someone who's simply being blunt about the way that you think.

Asker I never said I did not am I interested in your mid with your immature, shallow, catty, ignorant thoughts. What a bad attitude hahah and now you attack me. Bravo, you have won the bitch award of the week! Look at what I wrote I use things to keep it tight. The vagina is a muscle brah. I mean a guy can barely fit two fingers in it now I'm naturally small inside. They have sex multiple times a day in weird positions and with a bunch of people and do weird things like fisting. You gotta give it a break like any other muscle and take care of it. They don't shoot everyday, the top ones shoot once a week and don't have to do all the weird shit because they hot.

But anyway believe what you want. Nah bruv, it's your cuke habit you need to worry about, childbirth ain't half as regular. Having kids doesn't even bother the vagina men are stupid with there logic. I never said a baby effects it. Habitual stretching surely will tho, this is something people vehemently deny but the evidence is right there on film and in s too, any sensible dude knows it. Not visual evidence which is readily accessible like that, there's plenty of poorly controlled studies conducted with the result being inaccurate statistics which women will believe at their convenience, I prefer something a bit more practical.

RaggaMon You can't blame her for making that assumption brah, when the truth hurts- false hope is all you gots to comfort you! RaggaMon It's an inconvenience! Umm that's only id you're a shower I've found a lot of hot guys with really big cocks. So you haven't had an problems with cervix bashing?

I have as much trouble with girth as length and there isn't much that can be done being too wide. That's NO fun;-P Most have the hand out to stop me. Oh that's kind of mean. Why does everyone automatically assume I have a large vagina. It's obvious mine is still small by what I wrote :. Oh I was joking im sorry, I was just trying to make some people laugh, im sure its lovely!!! Hmm, okay. I think I know something more up your alley. Naaaa I don't like being treated badly, but I like to big dick fetish sore. It actually feels good.

Probably because I workout a lot and equate subconsciously being sore to something good lol.

Big dick fetish

Naaaa I'm nice though. I only like biting the neck and scratching the back a little hard lol. And no, the guy has to treat me with respect or no matter how hot he is or big he is, he's gone. Bye felicia lol. If I can't get my normal sized hand around the head I already found three that big. Or at least they find me. Last guy was 8.

Big dick fetish

The guy I'm talking to wasn't' phased by those s when I told him and told me I'd be surprised at his size as well O. Really nice facial structure, about 6'4" and muscular! Asker blocked me like a cowardly pussy after insulting me to get the last word so I'll just respond here. Correction, love: I won the bitch award of the year. Like anything smaller than 7" long and 5" around is unappealing to me. It doesn't make a guy worth more or less, it's just my sexual preference. And no, I'm not loose. I use yoni eggs and ben wa balls. One can barely fit two fingers inside me.

Share Facebook. Anyone else have a big cock fetish? Add Opinion. LMAO big dick fetish loose part. It's naturally supposed to expand when aroused and your cervix pushes back. So the looser feeling the more turned on if she's dry it's closed up tight. As far as size I'm into big big.

Big dick fetish

That's because of what I'm use to. I've only had one small partner I actually had better sex with the smaller man but I like a big one in my mouth lol. And I'm talking more with than length. That's exactly how I feel! Thank you!

Big dick fetish

Show All Show Less. Yeah these guys believe the urban myth that it stretches a girl out lol. ArtDent big dick fetish vagina is beautiful and yes all natural Nooo drugs. Esplorare Yoda. Nah, I try not to objectify men like sexual toys for my pleasure. Oh no They look cool, but don't get along with my cervix. Orion Xper 5. Personally, I don't have that preference, being straight, lol. I have been with a couple of women with the same desire, though, so I can understand your desire, because of them. It's your preference, so there's nothing wrong with that, at all. RaggaMon opinions shared on Sexuality topic.

Look at pornstars by the end of their careers, it won't be long before that happens to you. Well mine is nice and snug! It's having a baby I need to worry about! There's evidence the other way too brah. You're probably small. Up Now! Sort Girls First Guys First.

Xper 6. Some of these opinions already! AleDeEurope Master. Not me since I'm not into dicks, but poor you, you're gonna struggle so much finding a partner that will be sexually attractive, given how 7" is above average. What if you like a guy a lot, but then when you're about to have sex, he's smaller than 7?

Big dick fetish

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