The following is a list of all public deliverables of PATHway. The deliverables will be available to download as the project advances:


WP1 Project management and coordination 

D1.1 – Project Management System PATHway (M1, March 2015)

D1.3 – Data management plan (M4, May 2015)

D1.5 – Audit of data management plan adherence (M22, November 2016)


WP2 Requirements, user needs analysis and exercise

D2.1 – Ethical report for clinical requirements gathering (M1, March 2015)

D2.2 – Clinical requirements report (M8, September 2015)

D2.3 – Use-cases and function requirements definition v1 (M8, September 2015)

D2.4 – PATHway content definition (M18, July 2016)

D2.5 – Use-cases and  function requirements definition v2 (M22, November 2016)


WP3 Patient and home exercise monitoring and interaction components

D3.1 Technical progress of the first year (M12, January 2016)

D3.2 –  Delivery of the hardware component of the body-worn system for vital-signs monitoring (M15, April 2016)

D3.3 – Motion capturing and exercise evaluation module (M26, March 2017)

D3.4 – Physiological sensor module (M26, March 2017)

D3.5 –  Life-style, social and affect module (M26, March 2017)

D3.6 – User modelling module (M26, March 2017)

D3.7 – Exergaming/class and interface module (M26, March 2017)


WP4 PATHway platform specification, implementation and validation

D4.1 – PATHway Unified Data Model and System Architecture Specification v1 (M8, September 2015)

D4.2 – PATHway platform validation test description (M14, March 2016)

D4.3 – PATHway Unified Data Model and system architecture specification v2 (M16, May 2016)

D4.4 – PATHway Health Data Management System and API Documentation v1 (M16, May 2016)

D4.5 – PATHway first system prototype – Demo (M18, July 2016)

D4.6 – PATHway Health Data Management System and API Documentation v2 – Demo (M26, March 2017)

D4.7 – PATHway full system prototype – Demo (M27, April 2017)

D4.8 – PATHway platform validation and system usability report (M28, May 2017)


WP5 Evaluation of PATHway 

D5.1 – Human intervention study design and ethical analysis (M14, March 2017)

D5.2 – Evaluation Results of PATHway (M44, September 2018)

D5.3 – Modelling of economic, health and social impact of PATHway (M44, September 2018)

D5.4 – Assessment of the PATHway experience of users (M44, September 2018)


WP6 Dissemination, exploitation and commercialisation 

D6.1 – Online communication through project webpage (M1, March 2015)

D6.2  – Publicity and communication media including project brochure and demonstration video v1 (M12, January 2016)

D6.4   – PATHway Dissemination plan (M14, March 2017)

D6.8   – Publicity and communication media including project brochure and demonstration video v2 (M29, June 2017)

D6.10 – PATHway Standardisation report (M40, May 2018)

D6.12 – Final Exploitation Report (M44, September 2018)