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Dr. Petros Daras is the technical director of PATHway project. He is a Researcher Grade B (equivalent to Associate Professor), at CERTH/ITI and head of the VCL group. His main research interests include multimedia processing, multimedia & multimodal search engines, 3D human motion capturing and analysis, real time 3D reconstruction from multiple sensors, dynamic mesh coding, medical image processing and bioinformatics. Dr Daras regularly acts as a reviewer/evaluator for the EC.


Dr. Dimitrios Zarpalas is an Electrical and Computer Engineer with a MSc in computer vision and a PhD in Medical Informatics. Since 2008 he is an Associate Researcher in CERTH/ITI. His main research interests include 3D medical image processing, 3D shape analysis, real time 3D reconstruction from multiple passive/active sensors, dynamic mesh coding, 3D motion analysis.


Mr. Anargyros Chatzitofis is an Electrical and Computer Engineer, with specialization in Human Computer Interaction and Computer Graphics. He co-founded the SDS Game Studios and worked for 4 years as software engineer and consultant in Computer Graphics and algorithms. Since 2012, he joined CERTH/ITI as a Research Assistant focused on depth sensors, human motion analysis, activity recognition and virtual environments.

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Prof. Nicos Maglaveras is the Director of the Lab of Medical Informatics at the Medical School of the Aristotle University, and a collaborating researcher at the Institute of Applied Biosciences CERTH as the leader of the biomedical technology and informatics unit of the institute. He has performed R&D in eHealth, biomedical informatics, and telematics. He has authored or co-authored over 300 peer reviewed papers in international journals and conference proceedings and has participated as scientific coordinator or core partner in more than 30 national and EU projects, in the area of ICT for Health.


Dr Ioanna Chouvarda is electrical engineer with Ph.D. in Medical Informatics. She has been involved in Medical Informatics research for more than 20 years, and participated in numerous EU research projects. Her research includes biomedical signal processing and physiological systems modelling, and eHealth systems. She has authored or co-authored over 160 peer reviewed papers in referred international journals conference proceedings. She is Associate Editor in CMPB Journal. She is currently an Assistant Professor at the Lab of Medical Informatics, A.U.Th., and associate researcher with CERTH/INAB.


Dimitris Filos is a Ph.D. candidate in the laboratory of medical informatics at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (A.U.Th.), Greece. He received his undergraduate degree on electrical engineering and he has completed his post graduate studies on medical informatics at the same University. He has been involved in a series of EU funded projects. His main scientific areas include biomedical signal processing and physiological systems modeling with applications in cardiology. He has authored or co-authored papers published in international journal and in conference proceedings.